Wednesday, May 30, 2012


 My lovely often comes home with little treasures.
 "close your eye's"...I hold out my hand....
Usually it's a marble found while digging a hole, sometimes a  penny or sixpence
sometimes a button.
Yesterday he found special treasure..
A tiny fabric sample swatch he found in a wall & this 'thingy' stuck in a gap by some floorboards.
I'm not quite sure what the 'thingy' is, but to me it seems like it would have some kind of crafty use, perhaps with a loom or such like?
(excuse pics of manky thumb!) 

A wee gawk at some new (old new) fabric I've found on my thrift journeys lately.
All those squares came in a pack & hidden in the middle was that amazing silk castle print.
The two cottons above were a total score, there's at least 4 meters of the birdy print, The blue one is beautiful, but slightly sun damaged in places.

 Today I got to hang with the hussy as Imogen was having an epic 3 hour sleep!
I'm at the Feilding craft show next weekend sharing a stall with my niece Hannah who makes the coolest ever jewellery & my awesome Mummy-in-law who has a mountain of divine knitted baby goodness up for grabs.
I'll have my usual goodies, as well as a bit more skin care this time, which reminds me that soon there will be a little giveaway....
Have a lovely week..
Keep warm too!


Annie B said...

I think your crafty thing is a sewing awl which you use to poke holes in fabric for eyelets or around tray cloths, doilies etc to do a crochet edging.

Jenny said...

That is all so gorgeous! And I have to say I'm a tad jealous of some your thrifted fabrics there! Good luck stall and I'll stay tuned for the giveaway!

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

I agree with Annie B. it looks like an awl to me. Divine fabrics too.

Flower said...

Thanks ladies! And Jenny, I haven't forgotten your pattern...promise!

Dee said...

ohhh, that little swatch is so sweet - like a mini wordless book with fabric pages :))
and that birdie fabric IS AMMMAAAZING!! how awesome that you got that much of it. score!

gabrielle said...

great fabrics, the fabric bin is my first stop at the oppy's

Notchka said...

Gooorgus Fings - the fabric swatches are divine. To weigh in on the sewing thingy - at first I though Bodkin (aka) Awl...but now I'm thinking with the decorative (bone?) handle it could be a boot button hook, to which the hook has long since snapped off. Just thinking that our mother's and grandmother's never threw anything away but found a new use for things, and its so decorative/expensive - unusually so for a sewing tool - so may have started out for buttoning boots and ended up a point turner/hole maker in it's next incarnation? Whatever it is I find old stuffy stuff fascinating.

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