Saturday, May 5, 2012

Crafty times

Anya & Me

Mademoiselle Tink xx

Craft wars was totally amazing last night...the people, the inspiration......All of it!
Not to mention the mulled wine my amazing friend Tink brought in her magik thermos!
And the live music...PLEASE check them out...and nagg them to produce an 'album' of some kind!
I 'may have' purchased a few goodies! But I am really excited about the 2ply yarn I bought from curiouser & curiouser...hand dye alpaca.
Now to get the knitting mojo...been a while! xx

1 comment:

Tinks* said...

Woohee! Look at clever old us! I'll need to nab some of your photo's, mine are all shite- but serves me right as I don't think I was on the right side of that camera once- too distracted!
I had a blast, thanks for a wicked night. Shall we do again in November (xmas shoppers?!) :-). Xx*

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