Monday, May 7, 2012


I was feeling inspired to do a wee bit of DIY today with this very cool fabric remnant I scored from our local flooring extra store. My lovely Father in-law gave me this chair for my studio (when I had one...sad face) It's a tiny little thing and I have often struggled with where exactly to put it. At the moment she is sitting next to the fire waiting patiently for Ginny to come and wipe marmite (actually its more likely to be Vegemite...another sad face) all over the nice white bits!
I don't recommend using your builder husbands staple gun for whacking building paper onto walls if you, like me, could not find the right sized staples to fit your 'upholstery' staple staple guns are like hammers that have staples in the ends....hence my bloody sore thumb and the giant wrinkles in the front of the cushion which can stay there until I find the right staples.
Now to end on nice you like my Salvo's score this morning? I have a mild obsession for T-bar shoes so these Italian Grey Mei numbers are making me feel pretty spesh right now!
Happy days
Now to end


gabrielle said...

love the shoes, great score

Jessica said...

First of all: oooouccchhh!! I think most of us can relate to that type of sore finger and man, it hurts!

Lovely fabric and the shoes... Super awesome.

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