Thursday, May 3, 2012

My creative space

It's been rather bust here this week. My baby Fleur has had her first full week of school! And I have been relishing the extra time as were off to craft wars this afternoon.
As per usual my head is exploding with idea's., but the 'free time' issue is..well....still an issue!
My lovely has just started a new job building for a local 'dude' after being self-employed for the past 6 months. I'm looking forward to the benefits of not doing invoicing/ GST etc not to mention giving nearly all our money away to ACC for their ludicrous levy's. BUT I don't think my man will be ultra happy here either...I hope for him that the universe provides an opportunity worthy of his talents soon...un happy at work = grumpy hubby!
Over & out.


Melissa said...

cool man, i'll put it out there too... hubby's are much nicer when they are fulfilled too!

Teeny said...

My craft space is mental, just crap everywhere! Yours looks rather comfy and serene. Can we swap craft nooks? Hopefully the universe delivers on happiness for your man. x

Flower said...

Lol Teeny, thats my me, my craft space is a PIG STY!

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