Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A special visit

A bit of light reading.

Most amazing lunch ever.

Every now and then in life, you randomly meet someone who straight away, you know you would get on great with. A while ago there became a new, full time 'counter' lady at our local sallies. She has one of those personalities that you instantly feel relaxed around and as I 'often frequent' the old sallies, we became rather used to each other. Ironically we later discovered that our two teenage daughters were also close friends, and since then, we have grown a friendship I truly cherish.
Megan (Meegs as we call her) has a rather special wee Mum, and I was lucky enough to join her in Masterton for lunch a few weeks ago & pretty much drool over all her furniture & fabulous clothes.
 Erin is truly the most admirable, classy, hilarious & beautiful 73 year old lady I have met. Her spirit & personality are that of super trendy 30 something living in the roaring 40's.
This woman owns (and wears) strapy red velvet stilettos for goodness sake!
I had a fabulous day with Megan & Erin eating, wining & yakking.
Erin is also a keen salvo's worker (hence her beautiful house full of amazing furniture) We went for a wee Saturday squizzy down at her local stomping ground where I picked up some old oak dewy drawers that have come from a library somewhere. They are now in my sewing room waiting for my next 'thrift scores of the century post'
Erin is a mother to 9 children!
She is awesome.


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous homey space. I've been eyeing your pictures for a while now trying to take all the treasures in :)
Sounds like a wonderful time was had.

Jessica said...

Wow. Seriously wow. All of it. And I mean all.

Melissa said...

if i could only be half so stylish as her now...!

Rhiannon said...

That table and those chairs are just incredible! I agree with Melissa - I'd love to be even close to how styley she is. Perhaps I'll be lucky enough to get there by the time I'm in my 70's..

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

What fun and a delightful house. Nice to know the people are just as intriguing.

Notchka said...

People like that are truly inspirational and its uplifting just being near them. I want to pack my bags and move into your friend's house. x

Ahipara Girl said...

now i'm green. that is incredible. she is. the home is. sigh. x

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