Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cooking & Baking.....

Lemon Tart
My new favourite food
Roast vege salad
A staple for sure

Thrifty finds here
A wool granny square blanket
perfect size for Imogen's pram

Yep....the smurfs!
This little beauty is a cot quilt with the foldy flap things
$2.50...cha ching
CAKE...cake...& more cake
August is a Birthday time for us
There are 7 Family Birthdays!
My Mum & I share the same day
This year I turn 30 & she turns 50
My Anya has just turned 8
hence the rainbow cake...
lots of fun to make
stuck together with white choc ganache
I ate way too much
so much I got a tummy ache
so much I had bright green diarrhea
I'm not kidding
& on that note
I will say
have a great week


clare said...

all totally gorgeous! your roast vege salad looks divine :)

Flower said...

Thanks Claire...I ate too much of that too! Must be Winter thing...over eating lol!

Widge said...

LOL! oh dear....

Happy Birthday month, I've got one turning 12 tomorrow. eeek

that roast vege salad looks delish

Rhiannon said...

Roast veg salad and lemon tart - sounds like the best meal ever!
Also, the smurf sheet is a wonderful thirft find!
Happy birthday month x

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