Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The thrifty Fairy

I had a magic Salvo's day yesterday. I obvioulsy go in too much as we have a new lady at our local Salvo's. I went up to the counter, & she said 'have you seen the old belts down the back?, I was thinking of you today when I put these out'....Holy sweety Mother I NEVER see old tooled belts in any Oppy. They're so rare most of the time I don't bother looking, but this was my lucky day. The brown one's were $1, & the black one $2.50...SCORE...& in my size whipeeee

We also spotted these awesome puppets, with frocks like that who could resist?
Speaking of frocks, I think this pinny is way to cool to hide away in the kitchen?
I also scored an old woolen Scouts blankt with all the badges on it! $4.00. I'm going to make my sweets a man bag for Father's day out of it I think?


Heart Felt said...

The puppets are adorable ~ wonderful finds. J.x

gabrielle said...

fabulous finds, I think pinnys can definitely be out of the house wear.
If you come to Auckland I'll let you know all the best places to go. Did you notice the girls picked your gorgeous tablecloth to use for their lemonade stand on Sunday.

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

Oooh I adore tooled leather belts. Well thrifted. And a black one too boot? bonus!

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