Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boob madness

I'm sure you're all aware of the cold winter madness that has swept the country. We have had snow 3 nights in a row which is NEVER heard of here in the Manawatu. The kids have had a blast (big 40 year olds included) We live in a small town approx 16,000 but the kids go to a country school about 10 minutes drive from home. I used to live in the country & when I moved to town, the kids didn't adapt too well to the bigger schools with 'street wise' kids (heaven help me if I ever moved to Welly or Auck!) so I took them back & they are quite happy about that! Alex & Anya were lucky enough to go on a ski/ snowboarding camp up Ruapehu at the beginning of the month, so it's quite ironic that the snow had followed them home!

On a completely different note, I've been having on going breast feeding problems with Imogen. When it came to the other kids, I was guaranteed mastitis several times with all of them, so I counted myself very lucky with Ginny that for some reason I didn't get it with her. However I am now on my second bout of thrush which is making feeding very painful. I also have cracked nipples again as she is a complete nosey fidget when she feeds, pulling her self off if she hears a new voice in the room. She also likes to hold on to/ pinch/ knead my poor boobs which have little red scratches and blood blisters over them.
I am a huge breast feeding enthusiast, however I never judge anyone who chooses not to. Circumstances are different for all of us. I am at the point now where I'm finding myself thinking about weaning her, only to be battling pangs of guilt at not sticking in there, being selfish, feeling like a hopeless Mother? Its really starting to get me down, both physically & emotionally.
Boo hoo?
I'd love to hear from any of you who have had similar experiences & might have some advice?
Hope you are all having a better week & enjoying the beautiful wintry sunshine in between the snow & rain!


Tinks the Minx* said...

Hey sweets. You poor Mama! Not fair is it! Why does doing the absolute best for your babe sometimes seem to be so hard!!!!
I have no great suggestions myself, other than try to keep your sugar intake really low for the thrush (but you're like me, so yeah right!!! ;-). I would also ask on the following Facebook pages for advice: Peaceful Parenting, La Leche League, and Breastfeeding NZ/Aotearoa.
Come to La Leche with me on September 5th, if you can hang on till then, and see what suggestions and help can be offered there. I almost always find LLL group have helpful suggestions to my breastfeeding issues. Sending you lots of love and strength, hope to see you soon Xx*

Flower said...

mawwwww thanks Tink! Yep I'm going mad & feel pretty low. Catch you soon xx

clare said...

Oh you poor thing, breastfeeding problems suck! (haha, pun intended) I had really bad cracked nipples and had to use nipple sheilds for 3 months to give them a chance to heal. Had mastitis 6 or 7 times too, but went on to feed for 19 months. Good luck!! Take care x

hanna said...

I have heard grapefruit seed extract is good for thrush - do a google search on it, there's heaps of info. I hope you get it sorted. Plus look into coconut oil, wonderful stuff. Thinking of you! xx

Flower said...

Thanks lovely ladies xx

naughtyshorts! said...

Hi miss! I am a new visitor, I hope you don't mind me getting stuck right into the personal stuff! I just weaned my bub at 22 months, she is my first and I was quite terrified of the weaning process ( I thought we might not make it ) BUT I think that if you are starting to feel over it then you should not feel bad at all. Having to sit through feeding agony is the pits. Once I had weaned my miss I wished that I had of done so a little bit sooner. It's ok to look after your self too! Good luck either way!! Bec x

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