Friday, August 26, 2011

Knitting & A View

I finally managed to finish Imogen's knitted leggings last night, & phew they fit!
I used the softest wool I could find on the day at our local wool shop, it's lovely, but I kinda wish I had used Alpaca as this doesn't scratch babies skin due to the fact that the fibre has no barbs. I am however knitting THIS pattern now in a beautiful cream alpaca 8 ply which is awesome to knit with.

Spring is in the air around me. I'm feeling the spring cleaning urge which is always nice.
I took this pic from my laundry window, we have two huge magnolia tress in flower in the back yard. I posted THIS post when we first moved here 1 year ago, it's amazing how much the back yard has changed in that time. when we win the lotto or something....this will be the view from my kitchen. I can't wait as I currently look upon my neighbours shed, it will be nice to see the kids playing while I'm fluffing about.
Hope you have a lovely weekend, especially those of you lucky enough to get to the wearable arts last night.


Kristin said...

cute leggings! I'm knitting a pebble vest at the moment too. love that pattern. ~ Kristin

Debrina said...

That is surely a gorgeous view from your laundry, Flower. Don't wait for lotto, hun. It'll probably never come. Just do it! You're virtually married now to a builder. Find the plumber and knock down that wall and, most important, do some witchy affirmations! Ha ha.

I'm lucky with my little kitchen, it does actually look out onto the garden with kid(s) playing, as you a blessing for me when I just took it for granted that everyone had that luxury.

Love D
PS. loving those little leggings! Ginny is SOOOOOOOOO cute in them. WELL, she's cute anyway, lol/

Debrina said...

PS. I didn't mean for the plumber to knock down the wall, ha ha! If you need a wall or two knocked down, I'll be in!

Flower said...

Te hee

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