Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cabin Fever

 I've been  pretty slack on the school holiday activity front. Every one is scratchy from being stuck inside, & now we seem to have the flu in the house NEAT!
We were, however pretty spoilt with 3 whole days of awesome sunshine & NO wind! The kids got some well needed vitamin D making huts & bouncing on the tramp, its amazing how good you feel in sun when we haven't had it for a while.
Yes short lived it was, so yesterday we were back to grey & gloom so the needles are out & the girls had a go at doing some embroidery. They firstly drew a picture that they would like to stitch, Anya chose to draw a fantail (piwakawaka) & Fleur chose a self portrait, very cute. I was surprised at how well Fleur took instructions and listened to what I said, like holding onto the thread & the needle! (Fleur called it the 'knitting thingie'!) Anya was off with very little help which shows me how much shes growing...eek! She is knitting on her own now too, once again, I'm amazed at how much their fine motor skills develop so fast. It was a lot of fun for me & the girls, but short lived thanks to the smallest one who must have 'boobies' & touch everything on the table!! Even though there's only 2.5 years between all the kids I still manage to forget the demands of breast feeding & how it effects the amount of one -on -one you get with the others.
She who must have boobies is currently clogged up with boogies so the boobies are a frustrating experience for the both of us, poor little peanut : (
Today however she had a little nap & Fleur & I escaped into the studio where I whipped up some vintage floral bidibids for her with lamb skin soles...nice & warm with her green merino leggings I made last week xx
Hope you are all keeping warm, & surviving the holidays for those with babes at home...unless of course you're a home schooling goddess who does it every day...bless!


Debrina said...

How lovely to catch up here with you girls! I love the speed with which Anya picked up on the embroidery. It's in the genes, more like! I hear you on the cabin-fever front. Jase and I have been home for the holidays too. Yesterday we tried to brave the blistering, biting cold wind, by taking Starkey (new puppy "gog" (Jase can't say dog properly)) for a walk. We got to the end of the path and decided to run back home. We have been face painting here + reading and telling lots of stories to each other + baking + taking toasty warm baths with Dora the Explora in flippers. We've also been palying with a sharp toothed puppy whilst putting down lots of toilet paper to soak up puppy pee all around the house. Fun aye?

Anonymous said...

We've had a bit of cabin fever's been far to miserable to brave the outdoors and having a little one with the flu doesn't help.
My girl has been itching to do something different craft wise and I had not even considered embroidery...but I think she will love it.
Love your little one's leggings and those shoes are adorable.
Is it possible to have a follow button so I can keep up to date with your posts? :)


Flower said...

Hey Tammi! Yes good question about my follow button? It seems to have vanished....again??? But today I can post comment replys? I think my blog has a ghost?

Megan said...

ooh I can't wait to do some embroidery with my little ones. I did get some hessian and a plastic needle the other day and my 4 year old had fun just doing some random stitches.
You asked 2 questions on my blog last night but I can't reply to your comments in my email as I don't think haven't set up your profile so people can reply to you. So I'll answer them here instead! Yep, we named our daughter Amelie after the film, still my favourite ever movie! And a dream feed is just a term for getting the baby up and feeding them in the evening without really waking them. I usually feed jack around 10 if he goes down happily at 7pm.He sleeps all night after doing a dream feed but even when he was waking in the night I could feed him at 10 and then he would go through till about 3am then 6/7am rather than have him wake at midnight, then 3, then morning! I did this with all 3 kids once they were good to go to sleep around 7 and it meant I only had to get up once in the night :) I bottle fed my first so we had to wake her up more to feed but with Stella and now Jack fully breastfed he is barely awake so it's a really nice quiet feed- my hubby doesn't even notice I've got him up some nights!

Miss Smith said...

We all got a disgusting cold in the holidays too, I think it's a case of your body thinking "right, now I have time to be sick". We went away anyway though, and somehow it was better being sick and having cabin fever away from home.
Lovely embroidery there- what a talented lot you have.

hanna said...

oh no, snotty noses, I wouldn't mind winter if it didn't come with snotty noses and such. Must try that embroidery with the kids we did it once but they were a bit little and didn't really get it.
Re the gardening - I'm determined to be organised this year, often I get to christmas and still haven't got stuff in the ground! so this year I'm doing lots of pre-planning. Peas are first, we don't get frost here so they be going in the ground next week :)

Anonymous said...

love your blog header pic!!
angelina xx

Flower said...

Thank you!! xx

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