Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The thrifty Fairy

I had a magic Salvo's day yesterday. I obvioulsy go in too much as we have a new lady at our local Salvo's. I went up to the counter, & she said 'have you seen the old belts down the back?, I was thinking of you today when I put these out'....Holy sweety Mother I NEVER see old tooled belts in any Oppy. They're so rare most of the time I don't bother looking, but this was my lucky day. The brown one's were $1, & the black one $2.50...SCORE...& in my size whipeeee

We also spotted these awesome puppets, with frocks like that who could resist?
Speaking of frocks, I think this pinny is way to cool to hide away in the kitchen?
I also scored an old woolen Scouts blankt with all the badges on it! $4.00. I'm going to make my sweets a man bag for Father's day out of it I think?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Knitting & A View

I finally managed to finish Imogen's knitted leggings last night, & phew they fit!
I used the softest wool I could find on the day at our local wool shop, it's lovely, but I kinda wish I had used Alpaca as this doesn't scratch babies skin due to the fact that the fibre has no barbs. I am however knitting THIS pattern now in a beautiful cream alpaca 8 ply which is awesome to knit with.

Spring is in the air around me. I'm feeling the spring cleaning urge which is always nice.
I took this pic from my laundry window, we have two huge magnolia tress in flower in the back yard. I posted THIS post when we first moved here 1 year ago, it's amazing how much the back yard has changed in that time. Eventually...like when we win the lotto or something....this will be the view from my kitchen. I can't wait as I currently look upon my neighbours shed, it will be nice to see the kids playing while I'm fluffing about.
Hope you have a lovely weekend, especially those of you lucky enough to get to the wearable arts last night.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Imogen had her first bubble bath last night...
she kinda freaked out on them!

Monday, August 22, 2011


 Today was a very exciting day for me...the courier arrived with my vintage kitchen swap goodies & boy was I spoilt. My lovely swap Buddie was  Gabrielle, check out her awesome blog with goat loads of clothes to die for on her 'Vintage Wednesday' posts.
My goodies came wrapped up in funky retro wall paper with AWESOME typed (yes on a real type writer) labels & cards. My Bootee included very cool stainless steel S&P shakers, A stunning Irish linen tea towel, happily added to my collection! The purple pinny happily modeled by Alex, 4 white napkins, 2 friggen awesome durawear cups with saucers!!!!.......And..DA DA DAAAHHHH
the coolest, prettiest & down right most beautiful picnic blanket made with re-purposed linens. I can't wait to use it!
Man I feel totally spoilt Gabrielle! I'm in awe of your gratitude & creativity!
Hope you are all having a fantastic week

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boob madness

I'm sure you're all aware of the cold winter madness that has swept the country. We have had snow 3 nights in a row which is NEVER heard of here in the Manawatu. The kids have had a blast (big 40 year olds included) We live in a small town approx 16,000 but the kids go to a country school about 10 minutes drive from home. I used to live in the country & when I moved to town, the kids didn't adapt too well to the bigger schools with 'street wise' kids (heaven help me if I ever moved to Welly or Auck!) so I took them back & they are quite happy about that! Alex & Anya were lucky enough to go on a ski/ snowboarding camp up Ruapehu at the beginning of the month, so it's quite ironic that the snow had followed them home!

On a completely different note, I've been having on going breast feeding problems with Imogen. When it came to the other kids, I was guaranteed mastitis several times with all of them, so I counted myself very lucky with Ginny that for some reason I didn't get it with her. However I am now on my second bout of thrush which is making feeding very painful. I also have cracked nipples again as she is a complete nosey fidget when she feeds, pulling her self off if she hears a new voice in the room. She also likes to hold on to/ pinch/ knead my poor boobs which have little red scratches and blood blisters over them.
I am a huge breast feeding enthusiast, however I never judge anyone who chooses not to. Circumstances are different for all of us. I am at the point now where I'm finding myself thinking about weaning her, only to be battling pangs of guilt at not sticking in there, being selfish, feeling like a hopeless Mother? Its really starting to get me down, both physically & emotionally.
Boo hoo?
I'd love to hear from any of you who have had similar experiences & might have some advice?
Hope you are all having a better week & enjoying the beautiful wintry sunshine in between the snow & rain!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Cooking & Baking.....

Lemon Tart
My new favourite food
Roast vege salad
A staple for sure

Thrifty finds here
A wool granny square blanket
perfect size for Imogen's pram

Yep....the smurfs!
This little beauty is a cot quilt with the foldy flap things
$2.50...cha ching
CAKE...cake...& more cake
August is a Birthday time for us
There are 7 Family Birthdays!
My Mum & I share the same day
This year I turn 30 & she turns 50
My Anya has just turned 8
hence the rainbow cake...
lots of fun to make
stuck together with white choc ganache
I ate way too much
so much I got a tummy ache
so much I had bright green diarrhea
I'm not kidding
& on that note
I will say
have a great week

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