Thursday, November 10, 2011

Old Sew & Sew...& So....

New slippers & top for Ginny
Feeling rather a little more productive round here this week (quietly says whoop whoop to one's self)
Lots of little pairs of bidibids. An obsession with cotton lawn that I've been channeling through baby knickers & summer tops. I'm still panicking as I only have two weeks left, but fingers crossed I'll have enough.
I'm hoping to have some more birdy mobiles made, as well as some more soap & baby bottom balm......I need one of those time machine's off Harry Potter....


Mrs Bunny rattles.
 I've been whipping up some smaller goodies to sell as stocking fillers
embroidering their little faces was lots of fun.
Actually my mind is in total over load with ideas flowing left & right.
I find myself thinking away at night, which inevitably turns into weird dreams & even weirder sleep talking. last night I was ranting about someone from Taihapi stealing all our wood for making spoons......Hmmmm
Lots of little baby knickers.

Lots of little tops.
 I've also had a little fun making new labels for 'stuff'
A little gift from my lovely xxx 
 Now for a bit of random ranting:

*I really like THIS song at the mo...
*I'm finally on PINTREST...more distractions,
only inspirational ones which I can justify...somehow?
*I found a COMPLETELY rotten banana & mandarin in Alex's bag when I put his lunch box in there yesterday.
I don't get why this doesn't bother him?
*Fleur managed to get a peppermint stuck up her nose the other morning on our way to Kindy. Why do you always seem to have one child that tends towards these type of situations?
I can add this to the list which includes her head being stuck in the news paper stand at the post shop and getting a toffee pop stuck vertically in her mouth!
Yes it looks like two alcoholics on the couch! All being entertained by Imogen's new facials...halarious!


clare said...

gorgeous creations! your house looks beautiful x

Nichole said...

love your makings and doings! and that dream sounds so specific and wild, how funny!

Tinks the Minx* said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Im nearly wetting myself at Pop's shinanagins! :-). Man, I love that Poppy- she's just mischief!
Your sewing is looking FAB you clever thing! Xx*

gabrielle said...

wow your sewing looks gorgeous, I too have a little stall coming up for the small peoples school and have far more 3am ideas than time to make things. Harriet and I are working on her decoration today so we checked your blog so I could show her a pic of Anya

Widge said...

hahaha loving that pic!!
cracked up at the toffee pop! I did something similar once, as an adult though..

Heart Felt said...

Gorgeous makings and wonderful fabrics. Loving the knickers!

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