Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Home Birth Babies

Last week was Home Birth Awareness Week. Imogen was my first home birth, it's funny how sometimes I forget she was born in the lounge, just behind where I'm sitting right now.
There is a wonderful wee group of like minded Mama's in the mighty Manawatu who organized all sorts of stuff during the week, me being rather a slack home body only made it to the film 'the first cry' at our local boutique cinema. It was a very enlightening movie. Amazing how we often don't realize how birth is so incredibly different for various cultures.
whip on over to this Face Book page for an awesome non-profit group of woman sharing all sorts of useful info about babes, birth, & loads of great other 'stuff'.

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Tinks the Minx* said...

OOhh! I love that shirt on Ginny! Shall have to start an album of FB I think- beautiful HB babes! Xx*

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