Sunday, November 20, 2011

Little doings

I have had a little SHOP update (at long last)
Please feel free to pop on over for a little look.
I'm on the prowl for Kiwi made & second hand pressies for the kids for Christmas.
Any suggestions/ sites/ DIY ideas welcome!
Hope you're all enjoying the week...despite the hectic weather!


clare said...

dude, you shop looks gorgeous!! and your stuff is too cheap! you worth more mama!
i'm gonna share your shop on my FB :)

Flower said...

Nawwww, thanks Claire! xxxxx

gabrielle said...

your wee deers are very cute, as is your felt shop. We too are trying to think of handmade and thrifted presents. Am about to make all the small peoples Christmas PJs and we have the boys presents sorted but trying to come up with something for Harriet is harder.

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

Those little deer are delightful - I am imagining them frolicking through an out of scale Christmas tree diorama. Can you tell I have put far too much thought into that and have been looking for 'little deers' on trademe for the last few days? I am content with the bizarely kitsch pink plastic one I found in our local op shop.

Good luck with the Christmas gifts - may I suggest a home made teepee or tent? Patterns in all good 1970's craft books. See your local town library today!!

Nichole said...

Love your stuff! Seems like all the things I'm falling for this season come from your side of the equator!

Michelle @ rockMYroll said...

I think we need a link in for everyone to put Christmas pressie tutes on...I need mainly boy ideas. Girls are way too easy to make for.

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