Monday, July 18, 2011

Stuff that been doing

I recently scored some very special 'little bugs'
Kefir to be exact. I had heard this name popping up more & more, in particular in Kay Baxter's book 'a change of heart' which I would recommend to anyone who is interested in the Weston A Price principles of eating & lifestyle. This is all quite new to me, but I feel the fundamentals sit right in my gut. I purchased both water & dairy kefir grains from HERE.
They come with detailed instructions, &  are easily Incorporated into your daily routine.
I've made two batches of soft kefir cheese, which is delish on crackers. In this batch pictured I've added sweet Thai chili sauce, crushed garlic & chopped herbs. All the kids devoured it which was refreshing! Dairy kefir is cool as you can make 'yoghurt' (I think it's just called kefir, but slightly runnier than your average yogurt?) without having to heat the milk, insulate or anything else you would usually do when making normal dairy yoghurt. With kefir you just add the little granules (they look like tiny squishy bits of cauliflower) to milk in a jar and wait. The waiting depends on the weather. At the moment it's taking 3 days for approx 3 cups to ferment. I read in Kay's book that she had a friend who left their kefir in milk on the bench for 4 months and they were still thriving!!
Water kefir looks like crystal rain ( the stuff you put with water to keep your plants hydrated)
They live on sugar and can be added to fruit juices to make natural fizzy drinks. Its a lot of fun
Kefir draining in muslin to become kefir cheese
The other 'things' I've br=een uo to is restoring some old towels. These towels had gone all weird at the bottom. Kind of gathered where the...'thing bit?' is. So I cut it off and hemmed them with some homemade binding turning them into spunky new hand towels. I haven't managed to get handmade home to myself yet, but from what I sneak when I visit my girlfriend Tink, I'm pretty sure she has something similar in her book

old towel with 'weird syndrome'

sexy new towel!

 It's funny as my blog posting (& I'm sure to many other Mums as well)  seems to coincide with breast feeding time. tonight Imogen was so knackered after her 'before bath snack' she simple went back to sleep sitting up! Would you believe that now it's bed time & shes wide awake 'DadadadaDADADADADING'! Sigh


Tinks the Minx* said...

Hahaha! Awesome! look at that lil' pickle! Hehehe! Did you see my less than sexy (first attempt) at home made binding on my 'fiexed up' towels in my bathroom? I need a bigger binding maker thingy!!!!
And I have managed to not kill my water grains yet (touch wood!), and I think they may even be breading! Woohoo! Im FRICKEN LOVING that Change of Heart! Your a legend hun! Xx*

Kate said...

How brilliant do your towels look!
What a wonderful job.

hanna said...

Must get back into the kefir, I ignored my water kefir for too many months poor thing, so it had to go into the compost bin.
Love the new towels :)

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