Monday, April 23, 2012

Shop update

That little house there is the blooming of my lovely's latest project!
Entitled to it's very own blog post apparently!

I've had a very little shop update today.
On a rather exciting note, I purchased one of These
& now I am putting snap domes on everything!
My brain is going over load for ideas at the moment, I only wish I had some scientific device to visually record these before I fell off to sleep and forgot them!
On another exciting note, I have a wee advertorial in the back of the latest extra curricular issue
My pic is a bit crappy, but with time and experience I'm sure it will (hopefully) improve!
Hope you are all enjoying this amazing April, with it's golden sun & stunning mornings!


Jenny said...

All lovely, especially love the little cape and dress - what pattern did you use for the little dress - I'm trying to find a good one. I think I need one of 'those' snappy things too!

Flower said...

Thanks Jenny! I just took it off a little dress that was given to Ginny for her B-day. I would be happy to give you a copy!

Jenny said...

That would be awesome - my email addy is

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