Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Prepare..for...take off!

A wee bit of crafting has been going on in the whare lately, not nearly as much as I'd like, but as we've been doing some pretty major alterations/ re-decorating, anything is better than nothing.
I have a few markets coming up over the next 3 months. the flyer above I am particularly excited about  Alt Shift Craft is a very cool 'craft outside the square' kinda market!
So if you're around Palmy on May the 4th, pop on in!


Amy Seven-Stitches said...

Alt shift craft is sounding intriguing, you will have to tell us more - will you be a shopper or crafter etc ?

Great hat too!

Melissa said...

Fun! Your wee one looks gorgeous!

Jessica said...

That is soo cute, very clever!
How do you find the time?!

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