Monday, April 16, 2012


The last few weeks have been total CHAOS in our house. It started as Ged & decided to destroy both our wardrobes & the girls room wardrobe creating a a space for an inside loo. Our current one is in the ultra cold & scary laundry. As one thing leads to another we ended up having to re-gib the girls room first so that we could get a sheet of board out from behind the pile of gib to make new architrave's for the new loo doorway...mental logic I know! So the girls have spent a few weeks bed hopping from our bed to the couch, big sisters bed, big brothers bedroom floor....the list goes on!
I love the feeling of completing a do-up around the house, but I don't love the stressed out chaos of the house during this time! Especially as were doing it all our selves so we can only do wee bits here and there, as well as what the budget will allow.
Most of house has bora somewhere! The girls room was no exception, we have had to replace (Ged has made them himself) all the window & door architraves, all the skirting & the window sill.
So now we have one fully insulated room, yep floor ceiling & walls!
I still don't know about what will go on the walls. Since taking these pics I've put the girls plaster casts of my preggy tum above each of their beds, I'm sure as time goes by it will fill up with something!

Behind Fleur's headboard here used to be a huge wardrobe door.
 It's amazing how much the pink of the glass is highlighted since we painted the window frames. We still haven't painted the lower sashes as they need to be planed and new glass put into the right one......onto the list that goes!
 A couple of pics of the 'doing up' process.

Next mission is our room, hall way & new shiney loo! Whipee.....sort of!


Nichole said...

Beautiful work! Congratulations!

Notchka said...

What a mission you have been on - that is such a lot of work, it must be great to have the girls in an insulated room for winter. Now the fun part - decorating! I don't know about you, but I think I like rooms evolving organically over time rather than looking straight out of a catalogue - I'm sure you'll have heaps of fun working out what to put and there are no shortage of ideas on the internet!

Mrs Knight said...

amazing,looks lovely.

Mrs Knight said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh I remember the days of the loo being out in the laundry :)
I love all the natural timber you have in your home, the re-do is looking awesome.

Melissa said...

Wow, busyness! Awesome that you can do it all yourselves! What experience did you guys have with gibbing and architraves etc before you started?

Flower said...

Ged's a builder Mel, so he would probably say "too much"! oxo

Jessica said...

It looks wonderful - and I bet it feels wonderful too! Our bathroom still far from completed, blaa.

From your pictures it looks so serene and lovely, well done!

Leonie said...

What a lovely big room with such awesome natural light, looks gorgeous, what a great job.

the textured leaf said...

Boy! you have the most amazing fresh light coming through those windows.
The amount of work you are doing is paying off and I think it looks homely already.
Love what you are achieving :)

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