Thursday, October 27, 2011

today in my garden

It's been a funny old week. I've been relishing in the peace that the first week of school going back brings, but I've been shattered so not much else has taken place other than boring domestic stuff!
The garden however has taken off. Things are happening in the glass house, my lovely put some stones down the middle as a path and plumbed a tap in there which is connected to a rain water tank off the studio. I'd usually be a lot more organized on the vege front by now, a reminder of how a new babe can disrupt the 'routine' for a lot longer than you always anticipate!
I'm trying a few new tomatoes including one called German red strawberry. Last year I grew 'Black from Tula' It was a total winner & I'd strongly recommend it. Cherokee purple is another good cropper with large fruit. When it comes to greens you can't beat Cavelo nero (A kale member, bottom pic) It just grows & grows even when every thing else has been eaten by the snails or caterpillars. You feel healthy just looking at it!
So....whats growing in your neck of the woods?


Dee said...

mmm, can i came and have a cuppa on your porch? looks totally peaceful.
my garden is finally looking nice and plump after waiting a few years for smaller (cheaper) cuttings to grow. really, really enjoying it at the moment...before next round of weeds hit!
yay, spring!


Nichole said...

beautiful garden! great work!

Debrina said...

You've got greener thumbs than me, matey. Still, I've got rubhard coming along; cabbages, brocolli and lots of lettuce. I need to try the old heirloom tomates by the sounds of it. Where did you get yours?

Notchka said...

Gah - I have garden envy. What with water restrictions *already* in Chch and or house probably going to be torn down this summer because of earthquake damage all I've done is weed, mulch and wonder if its worth putting in some micro greens? Mind you you have me wondering about Kale - its quite hardy eh? Might be able to stand a dry summer?

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