Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Making & Reading

A few goodies I've been making over the past week. I am determined to have a decent amount made for cross hills market in November. I recently tried out a new baby shoe pattern, a free pattern off the web for reversible slippers. I wasn't all together happy with it as I found the hole for babies feet too small, so I have gone back to my own one I've adjusted over the years. I am however looking forward to trying out THIS pattern over the next few days.

Now for some seriously beautiful knitting..I found this book at the library the other day. It is divine! All the patterns in THIS book are classic well made styles with beautiful detailing.
Vintage knits for modern babies
Hadley Fierlinger

Well I hope you're all enjoying the obvious changes in the weather. I know I am. Serious gardening has begun at our whare. I was lucky enough to score 5 bare rooted fruit trees from the Hort department at Massey in the weekend for $50. Our fence is now displaying 2 apple varieties (including one called 'peasgood nonsuch' what a name!) a quince, elephant heart plum & a dual peach. Its the first time we've tried 'espalier' growing, so I hope we don't kill them!
How is your garden growing?


Anonymous said...

Love that you use the word whare in this post :)

There are so many delightful things in the post...love that vintage suitcase filled with lace and trims, the shoes and pincushion are so cute and I love those nappy pants.

Enjoy planting your trees.

clare said...

that little skirt is gorgeous! x

Notchka said...

I have to say I love all your makings - I do hope you have a good market, I would be tempted to by all of that and snap - I bought that book and I love every pattern in it. I've just about finished the apron dress. Right-o off to enter you're giveaway. Love your work. :)

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