Monday, September 26, 2011


Last week was a good one for opp shopping, the salvos had a 'vintage week' which was very exciting. Ged & I spent Sunday afternoon licking the windows & drooling over all the bootee awaiting new homes & eager collectors. 
I arrived outside at 2 minutes to 10 on Monday morning & joined the cue, many of whom (to my that word?) were antique dealers looking for a bargain.  
It was probably the most intense opp shopping I have ever done, swift whips & enamel tea pots were being waved about left right & centre.
There were definitely some beautiful items to be had, sadly I missed out on a stunning oak bed side cabinet which was only $30, but I really can't complain at all the other little treasures I've acquired...& yes I've blown my budget big time!

I love this little vase. It has some interesting stamps on the bottom, but I can't make any of them out sadly.

Retro whistling kettle $3.00

Coffee perk $4.00

Awesome enamel ladle...essential for soup on the coal range

Vintage can opener

Do you remember these!!!! They're getting as rare as milk bottle crates!

Mini sewing machine. I've had one of these on my wish list for a while. Both Anya & Alex are fascinated by it.

A collection of fabulous Plunket patterns. The owner of these has kept the originals in mint condition, tracing each one & filing them into individual brown envelopes.
I also scored a handful of beaded milk jug covers & an old lace up boned girdle with matching brassier. It's a little worse for wear & possibly a size 20 something, but I'm looking forward to mending it & hanging it on the wall.
Now I HAVE to get into the garden.


Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Goodness...what an awesome score!!! I have been after one of those soap holders for nana used one when I was a child.

Love the soup ladle and kettle too, they bring back so many memories :)

gabrielle said...

wow great finds...I love plunket patterns, all my small people had baby gowns made from my old plunket pattern

Anonymous said...

the coffee perk !!
i was only talking about one yesterday. i love that blue hat(?) beside the can opener. and the soap holder wirey thing? stumped i am. i love old stuff !!!!
my best day ever is getting to skim an old abandoned barn full of old stuff.... once used and loved. x

Stella said...

Thanks for your comment! And man, what lovely scores! I especially love that soap shaker thingy - My mum used to use one of those, I wonder if she still has it...

Kristin said...

You always leave me such lovely comments and I try to reply by email but then I can't and I get all flustered and I give up. But here I am saying THANK YOU. Wicked finds too and your wee girl is so super cute, grass is pretty tasty I hear and full of nutrients. or so the cows reckon anyway... xx

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