Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mrs Bunny hops & hops

I've been away from bloggy land for a few weeks. I decided to change phone companies & resulted in no phone...no Internet...then phone..then no phone again. In the end I lost my rag & said F*#K... F@#K Sake & a few more choice words, well would you believe there was a technician on my door step the next morning! I don't like to abuse call centre staff as I used to massage the Telecom's 018 centre staff, but this situation brought out the best of my potty mouth!!
So...being away from blog land has made me realise how important my little blog has become to me. It's funny that most of you I have never met, but your inspiration and daily events become much like a close friendship. I guess many of us are Mothers, potentially 'socially isolated'  by the demands of family/ mother hood etc (I know this sounds like some 50's mental health phenomena by the way I've written it, but I know you all know what I mean!) So I'd like to say a little thank you to all the wonderful Woman who inspire me...too many to name, but rest assured that sharing little glimpses of your creative endeavours often makes my day! xxx

Now to some sewing missions... I scored this little pillow case from a new oppy in town the other day & decided it needed to be made into something for Imogen to cuddle. The sewing up part ended up being a pain in the proverbial, but all turned out in the end! I'm hoping to sew one of the THESE with the rest.
Now for any of you who are inspired by totally beautiful vintage children's clothes go HERE for a serious drool session!


Heart Felt said...

So nice to have you back....missed you so! Loving the rabbit ~ adorable. J.xx

gabrielle said...

nice to see you posting again and I too love the wee rabbit, I love olive and Pop too...but those prices, I have never found it on sale

Martta said...

I've only been blogging for a short time and am a new mum and already I can say that in the midst of taking care of my bub it is nice to surf around blogland. So much creativity and inspiration.

P.s. The rabbit is extra adorable

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