Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blossoms in the sun

Lots of grass was eaten today


Dee said...

where did your baby go???!!!!

Wow! such a grown up girl :)
(...beautiful bonnet too)


Stella said...

I always love your comments on my blog - I want to reply to them all personally, but I'm quite lazy! Anyway, that is the cutest little button EVER! Cluck cluck, can't wait to get this summer baby out! x

(Oh and bad luck about all those earaches! This is our first, and I'm traumatised already!)

Debrina said...

Hmmm...yes! I remember when Jason used to eat dirt. I reckon over his lifetime to date, he's probably had a good couple of tablespoon's worth. was awesome to see you at the fair, you gorgeous creature you! I'm glad you got some mileage out of those books I leant you, too! Love you and all your domestic goddess-ness! D

Anonymous said...

She is oh so her outfit too.


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