Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some things I like from..........

My Kitchen

I like to make a cuppa here

I like my old school beater. They go for $45 bucks in the opp shops now! Who would have thought?
 I like my matroyshka measuring cups
 I like this lemon juicer & jug
 And this cute crown lynn bowl
 I like these purple wine glasses I scored at the salvos yesterday. 2 for 50c!
 I like my lovelies chip maker. It was his Nana's xx
 I really like this cup
 And I love this tin
 especially when it's full of this
 or this
What do you like in your kitchen?
Think I need a cuppa now, wish I hadn't eaten all the slice yesterday.


Widge said...

snap we have the same tin, except mine is very faded. I picked it up from st vinnies only a couple of weeks ago.
and I never realised my egg beater was worth so much!! wow! I'm loving all your kitchen goodies

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

Brilliant - a swift whip with all metal complementary - they are sought after because the gears are perfectly matched and they can be used to whip hot fudge to make it set. Hold on tight to that one.

The glass jug too. I lost mine by leaving the cold jug next to a hot element - the poor thing cracked.

My favourite kitchen thing at the moment would have to be teapot full of steaming tea.

frangipani said...

All looks gorgeous. What a great collection of loveliness! My Mum has the same tin too. I remember eating lots of delicious baking from it as a child. And gee who would have thought the old beaters would be so valuable now? I had a set of the measuring spoons like your cups given to them. The cup of tea making area has to be a favourite spot in my kitchen...I visit there often

Anonymous said...

I love all of these delights :)

I too have an old school beater that I picked up for $5 and it gets used all the time, as does our glass lemon juicer.

I think my most favourite things in my kitchen are the teacups I inherited from my nana's.


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