Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My bidibids stash has been quite low since Imogen was born, so last week I finally got a few spare hours between feeds & made some more. I used to list some of the things I made on trade me & had a query about weather I would make adult sizes? Well today I did. The pattern will need some adjustments but first attempt isn't to bad...if I do say so myself?
Rather than a cotton or linen inner/outer I used grey wool (the type they make coats out of) for the outer, a cotton inner and some beautiful bamboo wadding to give it some structure in-between.

I used a felted mohair cardy to make a thick inner sole as plain leather was quite thin for adult weight.

And Ta Daa!

Some more irresistible pics of My sweets and a little peek of my sewing studio. I'm beginning to think it will never be at photo quality cleanness, so I should probably just take some snaps anyway LOL. After all, were all messy creative types aint we?

Ooowww and P.S check out handmade for Christchurch, its a whole bunch of gorgeousness donated to help with the relief of the quake.

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Dee said...

only read this post but already totally loving YOUR blog!! :)

you're doing EC with your babe?? that's awesome. i desperately wanted to do that...but didn't trust my "stickability" ;)
and i LOVE your lil boots too!

Dee x

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