Sunday, March 20, 2011

Making soap

I've had a huge passion for Aromatherapy, pretty much my whole life...strange that I don't often post about it in my blog.
As well as using aromatherapy to compliment my massage therapy, my biggest love is being in the kitchen & experimenting!
I have made my own soap and skin care for years now, not only to aid in the prevention of contact dermatitis, but the benefit of our children's skin, not to mention the environment.
So I thought I'd share what I got up to yesterday...
The NaOH ( caustic soda) added to cold water. This solution reached 85 deg C!
Hence the importance of safety gear.
Both oils and lye mix at 40 deg C. No higher!

Adding the lye to the oils, you can clearly see the two solutions not yet emulsified.

"trace" note the drops sitting on the top like custard.

Now's the fun part adding your goodies.
This batch is called Fleur: Pink clay, elderflowers, lavender, rose geranium & ylang ylang essential oil.

Don't over mix here, see how quickly it has thickened just by adding
the essential oils and re-blending.

Strawberry smoothie?

Chopped and ready to dry. I'll post a pic when they're all labelled.
Wish you could smell it...perhaps I'll have to have a giveaway????


Dee said...

yes! a giveaway!! :)
i'd love to make my own soaps...seems so tricky though - and maybe like i'd have to concentrate too much...??? :)

Widge said...

yum!! I used to try and make soap when I was a kids. yours looks divine. wish i could smell it!!

Flower said...

Thanks ladies! I have managed to make some 'bombs' too...literally! But yes a giveaway sounds good...more to come xox

Tinks the Minx* said...

Oooooohhhhh! Flower- YUM! And I love the name! Heheh! Fleur- how fitting! Xx*

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