Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodness Gracious a Girly Giveaway!

As promised here is my soapy giveaway,

the winner will receive a yummy bath bomb with lavender, orange & ylang ylang

and a bar of Aphrodite soap with oatmeal & pettitgrain essential oil.

Simply leave a comment below & I will draw the winner from a hat on Sunday night.

perhaps you might like to share a link to a favourite site, or something to inspire Autumn creativity? If you are in the Wiararapa this weekend check out the french country fair My lovely friend Lou is taking my soap over there, & we will go over for a look on Sunday

Enjoy your weekend everyone



Widge said...

Yes please enter me!

Tinks the Minx* said...

Oh YUSSS! Delicious treats! Xx*

Dee said...

at my kids' art lesson the other day there was this kid who raised his hand as high as he could and flapped it around every.single.time the teacher asked a question....well, that is what i am doing now! :)
(please don't ignore me on purpose like the teacher ignored the annoying hand-flapper the other day!!)

Flower said...

HaHaHaHa. Seriously cracking up here

Tinks the Minx* said...

Im not being cheeky and trying to 2 chances, but I just noticed your BEAUTIFUL flowers! How gorgeous! Are they from your garden hun? And what are the ones in the bottom pic?*

Flower said...

Hey Tink! The little roses are called Cecil brunner which are growing in the back yard. It's the original 'pocket rose' I think from memory?? The bottom flowers are my favourite 'non smelly' flower (Although I wished they did smell!) They are lisianthus, I managed to grow some for the first time this year,(they're fussy snobs!) but not nearly this georgous! These ones came form the farmers market. xoxoxox

Tinks the Minx* said...

Oh! My Mum ALWAYS goes on about Cecil Brunner, we probably have one (or many!) in her garden at home! And if those beautiful lisianthus are fussy, I'll probably never manage to grow them- although, I do like a good (occasional!) challenge! Thanks sweets! Xx
P.S. From your next post Im glad to see you have finally got together w some of my lovely Feilding ladies. Cindy is GREAT isn't she! Have you met Em's yet? emmakatepaints (dot) blogspot
Arohanui Xx*

Anonymous said...

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