Sunday, February 12, 2012

New acquisition

The first time in my life I've spent more than $10 on nail polish....OPI 'suzi takes the wheel'.

An up-grade from old box brownie

The lion, the witch & the .........
I've had a few very special wee things enter my house lately, the first is our new camera, I've been without a camera for ages (I may have dropped ours on the road). So I borrowed a friends, which according to Fleur 'fell off the piano from the wind' (hehe) So both LCD's were broken & photo's were a bit of hit & miss, just like the good old days! I'm learning to use this piece of hi-tech brilliance, just not so keen on the monthly HP invoice!!
The next very exciting thing is my new (old) wardrobe I scored on trade me for $103 smackers. I seriously had to reduce my clothes by about 1/3 to fit them in here, but we had a garage sale and broke even which was awesome! The reason I needed a new wardrobe is because my lovely has smashed out the two large wardrobes that were side by side between our room & the girls room, to make way for a new toilet, the first step toward turning our scary cold old laundry (where the loo currently is) into a new kitchen (when I say 'new' it will be predominately made from recycled materials). Exciting things I tell you.....exciting in deed.

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Melissa said...

sounds exciting( and a bit scary?), I like a bit of DIY , but so far I've never braved smashing things or moving walls! Maybe because my hubby is more muso than macho! love the wardrobe!

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