Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Little red riding hood?

Random pic I know, but the wind blowing sheer white curtains is one of my favourite things.

I have been really excited about sewing THIS little number for quite a few weeks now,
I used a mossy green wool I bought at 'fabric'-a-brac' with a cotton lining from spot light.
I'm looking forward to making some more, perhaps with a peter pan collar like the caplets I've made for my felt shop, or summer capes made from cotton alone.
My little model was not so willing today, therefor no posy shots!...... Well only spag bog ones, she seems to be her happiest when completely nude, absolutely NO socks at all thank you, definitely no capes!
Hmmmmm what else?...
Stuffed potatoes for tea tonight which were bloody nice, made with my giant home grown spuds.
I really enjoyed THIS DVD, also THIS one too.
And I've been grooving to THESE TWO songs while cooking tea.
Have a great weekend, if your around Kapiti this Saturday, check out the medieval fair in Levin.


Dee said...

ohmy, the Diving Bell and the Butterfly still give me the creeps! wouldn't that be the most awful thing??
brilliant acting though huh.

PS GORGEOUS hood! i've always wanted to make one for Jada, she's getting grown up now though...!

Melissa said...

I Love capes! My maaike has one with long ears too, how would you go about making an adult sized one do you think...?

Flower said...

I have a adult sized pattern Mel, I had forgotten about it till now, let me know if you want to borrow it! xx

watching kereru said...

Oh beautiful cape. I have wanted to chop up an oversized felt jacket I have for a while now and make one for myself, but I;m a little nervous.Any hints?

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