Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crafty Pressies

Pencil holders

Little note books

Bed time bags, to be filled with a home made pair of jammies & a pre loved book.

Purse for Ash,. 
 This year we made a little contract with ourselves, that Christmas gifts would be either be homemade, handmade, kiwi made or second hand. With the exception of few little things we found at markets, I'm happy to say we managed to stick to it.
I usually make something for the girls anyway, but I think giving yourself the 'rules' at the start has made it the most fun I think I've ever had when it comes to gift hunting. & I haven't had the bother of last minute 'rubbish purchases' from the likes of the warehouse etc to blow my budget or my conscious. 
There stocking fillers are coming along, I've saved a few things to my pinterest board 'crissey ideas' if anyone wants a bit of inspiration.
Hope the making & baking of Christmas is rocking along nicely for you all too!
perfect size for a sleep!


Melissa said...

Thanks for your gift! About three years ago we decided to do the same, handmade firstly or thrifted gifts. don't always know what the recipients think; and this year I was tempted to just buy and have it over with in one day, but our funds did not stretch that far, so I've been stash busting instead! We do buy one special thing for the kids each, because they get zilch new from us the whole year through. Good on you!

Tracy said...

I just popped over from Mel's blog and noticed your pink sheet. I have the same but in blue.
I have kept one intact and its pair has been made in to all manner of crafty fun.

Kristin said...

I love that you've made/thrifted everything! Those horrible big chainstores have recieved far too much from me this year. bleurgh.

Anonymous said...

Most of my gifts this year are handmade but I love how you have made it a rule for everyone :)

Stella said...

Great rule! We always choose a 'theme' in our family, for gift giving etc, and handmade or second hand are both popular themes... This year I've gone a bit half and half, but the store bought gifts are mostly just practical items so I don't feel so bad... But I think next year we might go handmade again... It always feel so GOOD!

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