Thursday, June 23, 2011


The purse strings are rather tight at the moment, well tighter than our normal tight anyway.
No opp shopping for me..
Well not until I finally cleaned my dresser of clothes the other day & found a little white envelope with $15 bucks, (soap I had sold a while back & completely forgotten about!) So with money burning a hole in my pocket, we loaded Ginny into the pram and wandered off to the Feilding farmers market in the sun...yes THE SUN!!!
Whilst wandering  around I could not resist a little peep in the salvos. Lucky for me it was one of those little magic opp shop days.....
 Some nice cooking from Pop
 Vintage linen baby sheets
I can NEVER resist these old Agee jars.

 Some good old Crown Lynn bowls and the coolest tiny potty I've ever seen

Snakes & ladders anyone?

$1 reserves on trade me! Yep $1


Tinks the Minx* said...

SCORE!!!!!! Man, that pram is fricken awesome!!!!!*

Widge said...

Wow!! awesome finds!
man i love finding forgotten money, I used to try and hide it on purpose (back when I could ;)Hope you have some good news on the job front really really soon x

Anonymous said...

You've got some pretty nice finds there :) My son would spend hours playing with the snakes and ladders mat, it's one of his favourite games at the moment.

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