Saturday, June 18, 2011


I was reading through Rosemary McLeod's book 'thrift to fantasy'
Drooling over the beautiful images when I came across a huge crochet granny blanket. Suddenly I remembered a beautiful blanket that was given to me 'yonks ago'. It had needed mending & I had lent it to a girlfriend to fix as I'm hopeless at crochet...2 years ago! To cut to the point we both forgot about it until Rosemary brought it all back! I love this blanket as it is huge, woollen & it fits over our queen bed just right.
So...yes..mending is a priority seeing as we have just had the first heavy frost of the year
mmmmmm woolly blankets, pikelets and big pots of tea xx
Hope your all hibernating in comfort

1 comment:

Heart Felt said...

Very funky....loving that chair too! J.xx

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