Sunday, April 3, 2011

The post fairy

The postie came today

In my letter box I found...My rates (sigh)......

.....Imogen's IRD number.......

a mysterious envelope containing seeds from the lovely Cindy

(whoop whoop)


A lovely parcel of fabric delights

From the all inspiring Mel at tiny happy

My debit card is becoming dangerous

It wants me to buy lots of things from Etsy

Now for a little excitement in my weekend...

We all love our favourite blogs

We visit them often...sometimes more often than our own family (!!!)

So when we went for a little road trip to the french country fair this weekend

I got to meet the gorgeous Janelle from heart felt I love her blog to bits so I was a little 'star stuck' that I was talking away in person

Their stall was full of vintage lovelies...I could have curled up and gone to sleep amongst the paisley xo

I bought this little beauty hat for Ginny to grow into...

& this stunning ceramic broach made by Stephanie Cahorel

(drool drool)

Now no more spending....I'm off to sell a kidney & pay the rates.


Miss Smith said...

What a lovely haul of things (not the rates of course, you can keep those).

Heart Felt said...

I'm was so nice to meet you! xx

knightlight said...

that pixie hat is devine! looks so warm! thanks for stopping by,Link should be at the top of my post,just click on Belle&boo,then down the left side of their blog or website will be the free downloads,please get back to me if ya cant find it. xx stace

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