Monday, April 18, 2011

I must have been suffering from 3.30 itis as I just went to type and looked under my computer desk for the foot pedal?? WT!...............Anyhow....Today is a little bit exciting as I received my first 'professional' labels. Not that I don't love my hand written ones, but it's very very cool to be 'playing shops' for real now hehe. I ordered them from THIS shop, as I couldn't seem to find anyone here?
So it's the start of the school holidays, I feel like I'm repeating myself constantly already!Whipping up goodies for the Easter market in Foxton this weekend, Fleur turns 4 on Thursday and then roll on Mr Easter bunny. Hmmmmm............... tomorrow I will wake with tonnes of energy, motivation & enthusiasm.... Make B-day cake, organize crafty kiddy Easter things....yeah...I am ...honest!

Wish me luck on any of the above....All I really want is a hotty, feather duvet, pikelets with cream and a cuppa xox Or maybe some of this yummy banana & carrot cake? I'll post he recipe tomorrow.

P.S: Best movie EVER! -The hedgehogA must must see for lovers of French film & all round arty goodness


Widge said...

beautiful goodies received and muchly appreciated :)Thanks again
lol at the foot pedal thing

knightlight said...

im loving all three of these things!!!!

Debrina said...

Mmmm cake looks good; you've got a hottie haven't you? Jed would be a bit upset if he found out you were snuggling up to another one wouldn't he??
Ha! I'm making a bloody birthday cake tomorrow too! Ooooo and I've just posted up all my market goodies up on my blog if you want a squiz. I need to get me some professional labels...where did you get yours from???

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Oh yummy, pikelets and cream...mmmm

Thought I'd pop by and say Hi. Lovely labels and cake btw!

Kristin said...

Thanks for popping over to say hi! Your labels look lovely, and I had a good old laugh at looking for the foot pedal, have done the same myself! :o)

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