Monday, December 20, 2010

Ged and I were children-less the other night, and after a crazy muggy day, we decided to do some thunderstorm gardening. It was so nice to be outside with rain starting to come down and the thunder & lightening. We dug up our rather sad garlic ( we planted late as we moved in to this house in July, so the poor things never got a decent chance, but hey, some is better than none!) Planted heaps of beetroot and sunflowers, new lettuces, cucumbers & some more tomatoes.
Eating from the garden has been SO bloody nice. You just can't beat that flavour!
Time to plant some more carrots, 'someone' has been sneaking baby ones while they water the garden???
P.S: Please feel free to admire the progress on my little sewing studio in the background!


Debrina said...

Hello and sorry I didn't get here sooner! How are the 3 baby birds going? We have had a really good run of baby birds this year with 4 nests in the eaves under the porch. Oh and we have a new kitten! We have named him/her Willow - as we are not sure whether it is a he or a she yet! He/she is a tabby just like Tilla - 10 weeks old.
Now, look at you garden grow! You are so happy in this photo, I've saved it to our computer :-)
I can't wait to hang out in your sewing room soon too! It looks close to being finished! We'll have to catch up after xmas now - if you are around. Too darn busy here!

Flower said...

Hey Mama Price! Sadly the birdies have passed over. They were doing so well & had survived 3 days with us, and then I went to feed them in the morning & well.... I think they must have got a chill or something? The girls and Alex were so gutted! I had been warned that this could happen though. Poor little things! does J Face think about that?

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