Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The 1st of Christmas has been, and with it two little girls bursting with excitement over opening their Advent calenders. Alex and Ashleigh are away on camp so they have to wait until Friday fro theirs, I am tempted to sample on behalf!
I've had a few good thrift finds lately, but keep forgetting to take pics! I scored some mint condition white leather retro roller-skate's in the brown vinyl carry bag for Ash for Christmas from the salvo's for $20!
And today I got this stunning bread bin which the girls think is awesome. There's nothing like retro floral to brighten your day!
I'm working on my Christmas deco swap at the Moment, and I'll post about that soon.
Hope you have all
enjoyed the sunny weather!

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Debrina said...

How did I miss these posts????

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