Monday, February 8, 2010

Turning a new leaf

Well this is my first post of the year on my sparkly new blog!
I've been away from the land of inspirational blogging for over 6 mths and feel refreshed and inspired now that I am re-connected. The last 6 mths have been some what of a roller coaster, and now I am starting to feel like my feet are 'nearly' touching the ground once again. Vege's are in fruition which I appreciate so much more now after moving here in July to a barren waste land. Chookies..Finnis, Ferb and Dorris are happy, fat and laying which is heaven on toast...or in muffins...perhaps a pie even lol!
The babies..Alex 10...Anya 6 and Fleur 2 (pop) Are settling into their new school (well not Pop although she thinks she should be!) And the last 2 weeks I have been happily bottling, spring cleaning and generally re-organizing. Inspiration is abundant and the creative cloud in moving in...thank the Goddess alive!
Well off to bed for dreams of felted pizza and pickled zucchinis....Bless


Debrina said...

Yay! You're up and running with Mushroom Lane! You seriously need to ring me, as I have NO contact details whatsoever of yours (I basically got rid of my cell-phone). Do you also, per chance, have the Green Wing dvd? Yes, I'll be in Thursday night.
Oh, and you need to go and check this lady out - she's an incredible fibre artist - latest obsession: felting, but check out her rusted fabric too:
Oh and look at your garden and your chooks? Yay! Our chooks are all still alive (it's a miracle) and I have two new vege plots (see my barter circle blog):
Get the badge dolly! He he!!
Also, I'm listing Mushroom Lane on my Debrina's Diary blog and also, are you going to keep Flower's Page? If you aren't why don't you consider copying and cutting the html from that (in edit postings) and pasting the old posts into your new blog here. I'll show you Thursday night if you are interested.
Miss you - keep having dreams about you, damn it! Ha ha.

Debrina said...

We missed you on Thursday. :-( I heard the phone ringing but I was in the studio and Andy was right at the computer but with his head phones on. The phone rang and rang but I stubbornly ignored it coz I was wrapped up in my art. If it was you trying to get through, we're sorry.

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