Sunday, January 22, 2012

Feeling Blue

The School Hols seem to be zapping by at light speed. Good as I'm looking forward to returning to 'some kind of normal', not so good as I feel I haven't 'done' a lot of 'things' with the kids...get my drift?
We were very fortunate, however, to spend some time with my one of my faves and hang out for the day in Pohangina valley. There is a blueberry farm not too far from our place, and the kids and I had a total blast picking blueberries, Alex managed to fit 32 in his mouth at once...later complaining of a sore tummy!!! ( he rather fancied the sour ones!) My beautiful friend Tink, who came a picking with us (Twas her idea, bless her!) has just started her own blog 'milkface' So please pop over and say hello, she has a beautifully honest way of writing and I always enjoy reading what she has to say.
I was extremely lucky to go to her Mama's & snap some pics of her totally amazing house, it truly was like something Bilbo Baggins could live in. I had a very healing day breathing in the fresh country air, sharing delicious whole foods and sharing the company of like minded souls.
Here are some pics of their amazing whare......

And now to (finally) acknowledge the 'new year'
Like many of you amazing bloggers, I have attempted to set some 'new year' goals as opposed to resolutions.
Things that have been in the back of my mind for some time, and perhaps need the 'new year' excuse to be kicked into action?!

1: Sit my full license (I've had my restricted for 11 years would you believe?)
2: Start piano lessons (two of our children have been blessed with the opportunity to take music lessons, only to grow prematurely tired of them. I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to learn the piano, so I have decided to take it upon myself that I shall ignore the feelings of being selfish, & grasp this opportunity as an adult, with the passion I had 20 years ago, and dive on this space)
3: Go back to work....! Yes working, and NO not that full time work that some Mother's do, along with juggling everything else (I am not one of those!) But prior to having Ginny, I did part time work massaging some of the local IHC. I loved this...have missed it so much, and now that Gunny is not quite so demanding on the breast, I feel like the time is right to return.
4: Make my vege garden the mecca of green goodness! Yep my garden has suffered some neglect over the past 18 or so months, 2012 is going to be an opportunity to learn more self sufficient techniques, eat A LOT more from our garden/ local produce etc, all in the face of the current 'food bill bullocks'!
So....any good blueberry recipe's?


Widge said...

wow that home is AMAZING. total coolness.
I too feel like I have done "nothing" with the kids this holidays, was just saying it to the husband earlier. he's a guy who loves to stay close to home on his days off so he looked at me like I was totally nuts...
I too want to get my full license this year, had mine for almost HALF my life, got it when i was 16, am 32 in march. hmmmmmm

now off to check your friends blog out :)

Widge said...

and I have absolutely no idea how Mothers work elsewhere full time. NO IDEA. I barely handle part time.
Love what you do though. Awesome.

Flower said...

Crickey I luff you Widgumms! lol xx

Nichole said...

What an amazing space! Thank you for sharing!

Nichole said...

Oh, and best to you in the new year. This one will be stellar.

Tinks* said...

Coolness! love those photo's of my Mama's house! Have you convinced Jeddy y'all need to buy it? ;-).
I had my restricted for 8 years- never had the dosh for the full- but finally got it when i came back from the UK (thank you tax back!)
Love that first photo too! Hehehe! What a cracker- I have an awesome one of Alex, need to print it for you.
Piano= choice! Do it!
And thanks heaps for sharing my wee blog :-).
Arohatinonui :-D. Xx*

Sophie Slim said...

What a fun day picking! Ah, I love me some good achievable goals! Sounds like it will be a productive, creative and busy 2012! :)

Lauren Knight said...

What beautiful pictures! I love the wood stove in that place!
Also, mmmm blueberries. I am ready for summer already. Alas, we won't have blueberries around these parts for another 5 months or so.

I love your blog, by the way!

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

wow, this place looks truly stunning- I would love to live in a place like that. So colourful and dynamic!

I hope life returns to 'normal' asap for you. Lovely to have found your blog

xo em

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