Friday, January 21, 2011

precious hatching

Imogen Fern
7lb 6oz
ten fingers & toes


Debrina said...

Beautiful bellas! I love the last photo. Congratulations, mother of the world!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

congratulations! Welcome wee baby.

Heart Felt said...

Oh my goodness, isn't she the most precious thing. Congratulations ! beautiful photographs. xxxx

Tinks the Minx* said...

Oh sweetness! Beautiful pepe pics! Darling wee pixie!
And I think I may have found my new favorite blogger to stalk!!! Hehehe! Your so fab Flower! I never knew you blogged, Im so pleased I saw you on Clares post :-). tinoarohanui from Morri and me. Might me come for a wee visit one day?*

Flower said...

Tinkalicious you crazy beast! of course!!!

Lucky Dip Lisa said...

Congratulations! No wonder you havn't been blogging! lol. I have popped over several times to see if there was anything new. This gorgeous wee girl is definately new! I love the name FERN it's on my list of names right next too Autumn (not that I am having anymore!)
Best wishes to you all:)

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