Monday, November 1, 2010

I was 'blog cruising' the other day and came across this lady
using this very nifty tool
I can't remember the blog now but I went on the prowl the
next day for the nifty tool!
It is a bias binding thingy. You feed the fabric through and press it
with the iron as it comes out the other side and
it's all folded and ready to go! So today as I started doing
some sewing, an order for one of my pinny tops, and I didn't have the right coloured tape, I suddenly remembered my 'nifty tool thingy'
and went 'yay'!
Here is my beautiful binding. I love bias binding but anything other than plain coloures costs you a fortune. My nifty tool was $17 (not exactly 'cheap') shall get loads of use.
The brand is clover and I got it down at the local patch work shop.
Sewing my dolly

sideways picture....for some reason??

And the lovely model baby looks so grown up. ..
When did that happen?


Debrina said...

Ok, that's kinda cool...I was thinking last night, I need to make my own bias tape. I'd just screwed up the zipper on a cosmetics case I was making (which ended up being a happy accident - which I'll post about on my next blog posting). So anyway, I had to pull the zip out and now need to clean up the edges where the zip was. Now here you are showing me a thingy tool to help me. Witchy poo, witchy poo! Fleur HAS grown up. She must have - Jason just looks like a little boy now. No more baby.

Debrina said...

PS. I forgot to say! Nice apron, lady!!

Kayla coo said...

Hello Flower, thanks so much for your lovely comment.
Sweet apron and it looks so delightful on your little girl.xx

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